Here’s what you need to know about Whirlpool washers

Whirlpool, known for their diligence as key manufacturers of laundry products have only been true to their pledge of making daily chores simpler and less chaotic.

With a flurry of innovations at the CES 2017, the company looks all set to achieve its target of $1billion in revenue by 2020. With their recent campaign ‘ Innovation inspired by care ‘, the technologists at the whirlpool WLABS have been on their toes to bring more care and reduce the effort invested in going through the entire laundry process. This, as they say, means more time dedicated to the family if you have to carry out such tasks at home.

Whirlpool has effortlessly toppled the table on which laundry and washing solutions were kept all these years. 6 awards at the CES 2017 innovation award ceremony only adds more fuel to the spark this company has produced during the journey thus far.

One of Whirlpool washers’ latest offering includes the smart all-in-one care washer and dryer combo eliminates the need to transfer clothes between washer and dryer cycles. Subsequently, this leaves you with more time to concentrate on other important things to do.

With the ease of automation being observed at home, your focus stays distributed the way you want it to be. Also, making the process simpler and lovable is the ‘Load and Go’ bulk dispenser that makes you forget inherent duties such as refilling the detergent or the fabric softening fluid before you start off with a new load. Most Whirlpool washers now automatically dispense just the right amount for every load. Another striking feature is the Wi-fi enabled sensing technology embedded in its heart. You get indications such as low detergent level on your mobile phones with just a light whirlpool application installed in it. The application has a download and go feature that lets you select one from a wide range of washing and drying cycles.

Another unique feature that Whirlpool washers now offer includes a washing & drying setup in the form of Cabrio top load automatic that unveiled last year. These Whirlpool washers did attract consumers with the all new spruced up control panel but could not defend the top spot owing to a few drawbacks. The mobile application control looked promising but turned out to be at a nascent stage back then. The lukewarm response was immediately tackled with the launch of Whirlpool Pedestal which could raise the level of the machine for easier loading and unloading.

With the smart washers having garnered encouraging reviews, we now have much more to look forward to from Whirlpool.

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Here’s what you need to know about Whirlpool washers