Go clean, modern, with patio furniture in your office lobby

An affordable way to ensure beauty, aestheticism and comfort for someone sitting in your office lobby is to choose some classic patio furniture for the office lobby. While it is unconventional, it is not unheard of and it certainly adds personality to the space, giving it charm and warmth and not appear to be simply a waiting room.

Create a modern, eclectic and innately unique office lobby using these great patio furniture ideas:

Garden tables for reading material: Having a rack for newspapers and magazines is passé instead, use some lovely circular garden tables with glass tops for fanning out magazines according to their genre, which will catch the eye of the person as soon as he/she enters the room.
Honey-colored furniture: Most office lobby furniture is either a dark brown or a black, which tends to lessen the vitality of the room. One can try using traditional honey-colored patio furniture such as chairs for the office lobby instead, giving it a young, reviving look.
Chaise lounges and loveseats: The idea of a waiting room is to relax, whether one has come for a meeting or an interview.

Adding a dark colored chaise lounge with light beige upholstery adds the right amount of a comforting look to the room, allowing the person waiting to ease up and compose themselves while they wait.
Similarly, instead of opting for the regular club chairs for seating in the office lobby, go in for the wicker loveseats with sedately-colored throw pillows to give them a toned-down look. Match them with the garden tables to give a complete, matched appearance.
Deck boxes for storage: Instead of going in for the regular, boring cabinets, get a deck box generally used as outdoor patio storage and convert it into a storage space for files for your office lobby. Not only will the piece of furniture look classy but it will also add a certain zing to your office lobby, not to mention giving it a unique, never-seen-before look.
Plant stands and pots: While decorating your office lobby with artificial plants, place the smaller one on plant stands instead of the tables, which will end up giving a fresh look. Use the wicker plant pots as wastepaper baskets to not mar the beauty of your office lobby space.
One can even use the multiple plant pot holder (with 4-6 pots) as a magazine and newspaper rack!
Plant rack as coat rack: Using the plant rack with hooks as a coat rack is a great way to grab eyeballs for your office lobby furniture.

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Go clean, modern, with patio furniture in your office lobby