Benefits of installing a tonneau cover

Tonneau covers basically means a soft or hard cover which is used to protect the unoccupied passenger seats in a convertible or roadster. This type of cover is also used to conceal or cover the goods and cargo, protecting them from sunlight and providing extra security by keeping the goods out of sight.

A tonneau means a cask in French. They are made up of leather or vinyl which covers the entire passenger compartment and it is zipped in such a way that the driver’s seat remains uncovered. A tonneau is an open rear passenger compartment which is rounded like a barrel. Few tonneau covers or truck bed covers are fixed during the purchase of the vehicle and few are installed later, after the purchase of the vehicle.

The most common style is the roll up tonneau made from cloth or vinyl. These are opened by rolling the cover up towards the cab of the truck. Another type of tonneau is the retractable tonneaus which are more secure as they are usually locked and are made from a harder composition.

It is also commonly believed that tonneau covers improve gas mileage because they make the truck more streamlined. It is also said that a tonneau cover reduces buffeting. Buffeting is a condition wherein the air courses over the windshield at speed and creates a turbulence as it bounces out of the cockpit.

Tonneau covers are available for sports car also. The following are the benefits of installing a tonneau cover:
It ensures safe transport of the goods or luggage.
It keeps your cargo safe from harsh weather elements such as rain, hail or snow. You’d have to keep goods inside the cab and compromise on passenger space without a tonneau cover or a truck bed cover.

A tonneau cover will help keep your valuables out of sight from thieves. Locking the tailgate, with a tonneau cover installed in your truck bed will keep valuables safer than they would be in the truck cab.
A tonneau cover ensures that that your cargo remains in position even as you travel on bumpy roads or in high winds.
Some tonneau covers come with additional functionality such as rack systems, perfect for carrying bikes, ladders or kayaks. They enable easy transportation of certain items.

A tonneau cover also adds an aesthetic appeal to your truck.
These covers also help you to save money now and make more money upon resale.
Tonneau covers help in decreasing wind resistance, thus enhancing the gas mileage and enabling you to pay a lower gas bill.

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Benefits of installing a tonneau cover